Brief Blogging Break

Hey, everyone! Just popping in really quick to say that I have to take a very short blogging break. Hopefully, it’ll be short anyway. I just started college last week and I’ve already had three quizzes, so kinda adjusting to that after having so much time off :p. Plus, the one other page at my library quit suddenly, so I have to take on some of his duties at work until we hire someone else. So with that and school, plus other duties and commitments colliding at the same time, I’m unfortunately just not going to be able to get up a post this week.

I hope to be able to return to blogging very soon, or at least be able to post sporadically as I have time, so it isn’t exactly a hiatus (I might even be back next week, and I know I’ll be back by February 11th, because I have a blog tour that I am not going to miss). I just know that this week, I gotta take some time off to work and study.

Rest assured, I will make this break as quick as possible (because honestly, I don’t even want to take it. :p ) and I can’t wait to get back to posting for all of you lovely people. Thanks for being awesome!

~ Love, Alexa <3


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      Thank you! Hopefully back for good now. 🙂

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      Yeah, for a while there. :p Hopefully, I’m back for good though! Thanks!

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